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Chile's extreme bike race

Since all eyes are on Chile this year at the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival, we thought it might be fun to look at some of the other adventures that the country has to offer. Winemaking in Chile is all about risk—isolated locations, crazy weather, inhospitable soil. But of course, those variables are exactly what makes the wines special.

The goodness of the internet has brought to our attention an event that is pretty much the ultimate shot in the dark. If you’re a fan of extreme sports, this one’s already on your radar. The Valparaíso Cerro Abajo downhill bike race is legendary for its ridiculous obstacles, hair raising unpredictability, and yes, the stray dogs.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

Talk about a shot in the dark! Never mind winning, you’re lucky to escape this race with all your teeth.

Shot in the Dark + Yelp = PARTY!


That's right, Shot in the Dark is joining forces with Yelp Vancouver for their biggest party to date, on Wednesday February 22nd. It's a night at the Museum of Vancouver, featuring local food and drink and ridiculous shenanigans. Basically, if you're not there, you're going to be sad.

So what do you have to do to get in on this amazingness? Just RSVP. That's right, one little click and you're in!

In case you needed any more incentive: take a picture at our booth and send it to us, and we'll enter you in a sweet giveaway!

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A Shot in the Dark that paid off!

Congratulations to Folland O'Connor, the winner of our Shot in the Dark getaway contest for two. Check out her amazing story:

It had been about two weeks after I met Nick on Granville St downtown. He had called me the very next day to ask me out but our schedules weren't matching up. We tried a couple more times but it just wasn't meant to be, or so I thought.

On this night, my plans had suddenly been cancelled. I was just going to head home and catch up on some work but I began to wonder what Nick was doing. We hadn't seen each other since the night we met and hadn't spoken in almost a whole week. In dating time, that is a lifetime for two people who haven't actually gone out yet!

Based on how busy we both had been I wouldn't have expected him to be free but figured I should give him a shot. Normally, I wouldn't have bothered. He was just some guy that I'd met at a club and gave my number to. But there was something nagging at me about Nick. Something was different about him... something special. So I took a shot in the dark and called him.

I called him at around 8:30pm, prime going out time for most people, and shockingly he was available and definitely wanted to see me. He took me for dinner and we sat with a bottle of wine and talked for hours on end. He asked me out again for the next night and I decided right then and there to cancel my other plans to fit him in. He really was something special and I almost missed out.

Four and a half years later we are still together. Engaged, happy and planning our future. We both worked hard for our beginning and we will now work together for our future. What would have happened if he hadn't called me the day after we met? What would have happened if I hadn't called him that night? Who knows? But it was definitely worth taking a shot in the dark.

Shot in the Wild!

One of our reps caught a picture of Shot hanging out at the 39th and Cambie liquor store.